Planning A Corporate Event? My Tip!

singing-waiters-7It’s this time of the year again where companies everywhere hold Christmas parties so I take this as an opportunity to talk a little about corporate entertainment.

It’s not only in the holiday season where a lot of companies and corporates  plan various events – think about your next corporate picnic in the summertime or any other type of corporate event.

Sometimes, such an event can serve deeper purposes than simple plain and jolly entertainment. It’s then where a company might want something different as opposed to the average band or a DJ for their musical entertainment.

Maybe the company wants to impress potential clients or the event is about celebrating a milestone where only the best of the best will do.

A tip I can give you here: if you’re a business owner like me you should see the Singing Waiters! The Singing Waiters are what’s known as “surprise entertainers”. What they do, they can mingle among your guests dressed as waiters and then start their performance at a certain time, out-of-the blue and to the surprise of all your guests!

Imagine when your waiters turn into professional singers that can perform anything that will go with your event, be it classical music, jazz and even the latest rock and pop songs!

Each single one of the singing waiters is professional trained, they come from the best music schools and theatres in the UK.

I have seen the singing waiters twice now and was entirely blown away! Of course they’re also great for private events like weddings or birthday parties.

Believe me when I tell you once you saw the singing waiters in action you will understand why they’re all the hype right now in the UK because they can make any corporate event absolutely unforgettable!

Is Your Customer Service Up To Par?

No matter what type of business you have, if there is a problem with your customer support it will likely backfire.

Today, consumers expect excellent service whether it pertains to pre-sales or support after the purchase of goods and services.

Why is good customer service so important?

If you provide stellar customer service it shows that you care for your customers. With good customer service you can demonstrate that you care for your clients and their various needs.

A customer support that is friendly, responsive and helpful will transform your company from an anonymous company into a business where real people stand behind it, real people your customers can talk to and where they can find help and advice when they need it.

Today, in a world where costs are often everything, increasingly more companies sacrifice good customer service simply to be able to stay competitive. Yet, there is a clear tendency that consumers today are getting tired and fed up by such practices. More people today are making good customer service and support one major criterion for their purchase decisions.

Why Export Software Is Invaluable For The Modern Shipping Trade

The domestic shipping business is already complex enough. A company in this trade must factor in many aspects that are crucial in this business to be effective and successful. Among those things can be sourcing, stocking & warehousing , transport costs and the creation of numerous required documents.

Export Software

Export Software Makes Things A Lot Easier

Among many types of businesses today, the import and export trade is therefore certainly one that is most demanding in terms of organization and management.

With modern export software, those important aspects where many  can well be quite challenging can be managed and organized effectively and productively.

With export software, the shipping and export trade can incur huge cost savings along with greatly improved operations in many key aspects of the business.

The advantage of export software becomes even more evident if we’re looking at the international export business and the unique challenges and problems there.  With multiple locations and shipping routes and destinations all over the world, managing the international export business can become a huge and often overwhelming task.

It will involve mounds of paperwork pertaining to customs and local transport regulations, transport costs that can fluctuate in each particular country, laws that are different from one location to the other and many more challenges. Longer transport times are common so are delays at the borders and the requirement to have all the required international shipping documents always on-hand.

Export software can manage,  optimize and improve operations for the international export business to be more cost effective and to ensure that goods will always reach their destination in time,  no matter where in the world.

Seeing that the proper and effective management for the export business, be it domestic or international can be crucial to ensure flawless operations, modern export software will be an investment that will pay itself many times over.

By taking advantage of modern export software systems, export companies everywhere can not only overcome the many challenges often encountered. With export software they can work more cost effectively and more productively.

How Regular Website Maintenance Will Help Your Business

Customer service is an industry field that’s very competitive and demands 100% dedication at all times. If a company wants to excel in customer service (as we do), one factor stands out as being an extremely important one: Responsiveness.

In this business, the customer expects prompt dedication and a fast solution for their problems. Businesses and their level of customer service are frequently judged on this one deciding factor.

Waiting times and delays with responses will usually result in a negative impression for the customer. This could lead to massive problems for the business since clients may simply choose another company that can offer better and faster problem solutions. In other words: Every minute in this business counts. A minute lost can (and normally will) result in lost customers and thus lost revenue.

Proper Website Maintenance as One Effective Way to Speed up Your Response Time

spannerTo be able to provide the best and most responsive customer service, proper website maintenance takes on an important role. A regularly maintained web site will ensure optimum performance of many key elements in this business – plus it will help to avoid downtimes, another aspect that is crucial for virtually any web based business.

Just recently we saw it ourselves how a company we work with on a day-to-day basis ran into major problems with their database. As a result, their entire ticket system was massively delayed leading to that customer tickets needlessly sat in the queue for hours until the system finally dispatched them. The problem was not recognized right away but at first attributed to a higher than usual amount of customer inquiries. In the four days where the problem occurred, this company lost approximately 20% of its clientele. Only during a routine check later, the problem was found and could be fixed. Regular website maintenance, ideally performed daily, could have easily prevented this from happening.

Proper magento website maintenance means not only to ensure that your business’ critical core functions will always operate at peak performance. It will also entail no-less critical tasks in regards to your visitor’s experience on your website. The issue here is that such things can often be overlooked or seen as “less important”, but this assumption would be entirely wrong. A good example for such issues would be loading times or navigation problems on your website.

Plenty of marketing studies have been conducted in the past which prove that a website that loads just a second slower than it could would lead to a significant drop in new client acquisition and sales. To say it differently: A slow website will put your visitors off and it can cost you – big time!

Here it is noteworthy to mention that such website issues like sluggish loading times can by-and-large be prevented and solved by proper magento support. For instance, this could mean to always monitor your website’s load and traffic to be able to accommodate spikes when they occur, as opposed to bringing your entire website to a halt unexpectedly. This type of monitoring can allow you to make available needed hardware and software resources so that your website will never run into such issues in the first place.

The same is true for regularly checking your site’s navigation, content and links. Those things should be another element of regular website maintenance. With routine checks of your website in frequent intervals, daily or weekly, those seemingly minor problems can be found and fixed quickly.  The result is a website that will add to a much better visitor experience where your customers won’t have the impression that your site is poorly maintained. This is another aspect that’s very important since such problems for clients on your site for them are often indicative of potential poor customer service. However, they will get a much better impression when they see and know that your site is always operating flawlessly and properly maintained. While this is important for virtually all types of online businesses, this is in particular critical for those businesses where good customer service is at the centre.

Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems – A Quick Introduction

According to the latest FEMA statistics, approximately 3,500 Americans die and 19,000 are injured each year because of fires. Add to this staggering number the many millions of dollars lost annually due to property and equipment damage.

Fire hazards are in particular a concern for any business or commercial venue. Here, aside from the already potential tragic loss of life, health and property, any down-time for the business resulting on account of a fire is an additional concern.

truckFire suppression systems used in commercial venues are without question a smart investment since they can help preventing death, injury and loss to a great extent. However, with respect to a particular venue in question, not all fire suppression systems available today are equally suitable.

Allow me to provide you with an example to explain the particular challenges that can arise when it comes to the prevention of fires. We can look at commercial kitchens such as those in restaurants or similar venues. Commercial kitchens are amongst those places with a high and always latent risk for fires. While the quick detection and suppression of a fire is obviously important, a fire suppression system that would lead to significant downtime due to its use will normally cause massive financial losses.

For commercial kitchens worldwide, one particular fire suppression system that has proven excellent is the Ansul R-102. This system goes way beyond than just the quick and rapid extinguishing of a fire. Equipment commonly found in commercial kitchens such as deep fryers and grills must also be cooled quickly in order to prevent a possible fire re-flash. The fire suppression system in such venues can likewise not leave residue that would require a lengthy clean-up. Such would otherwise mean that the restaurant or hotel business would come to halt for days if not weeks after a fire, something which would need to be averted if possible.

The Ansul R-102 system is the fire safety suppression system where all those factors that are so important for commercial venues are taken into consideration. In commercial kitchens everywhere, it is the most widely used fire suppression today that not only excels in the quick detection and suppression of fires but likewise will keep downtime for businesses at a minimum.

What makes the Ansul R-102 different to other fire suppression systems?

The Ansul fire suppression system can rapidly cool equipment to prevent re-flashing. This is in particular a concern in commercial kitchens where the simple extinguishing of a fire is often not sufficient since equipment such as cookers and fryers can stay hot for a very long time.

The Ansul system, unlike other fire suppression systems moreover uses a self-dissolving extinguishing agent which requires minimum clean-up. This too is critical for venues such as restaurants, hospitals or hotels where any downtime would mean significant problems. No harmful chemicals are being used for the fire suppression – another criteria which sets the Ansul R-102 apart.

The Ansul R-102 is a prime example of how far fire suppression systems have come today. They can now work effectively for detecting and quickly controlling fires without the downsides suppression systems had in previous times. Earlier, despite the early detection of fires and the prevention of injury and deaths, a fire still frequently meant significant financial losses last but not least due to the fire suppression system itself, for instance when water damaged property as a result.

With modern fire suppression systems like the Ansul R-102 for commercial kitchens, those problems are now eliminated and fire suppression systems are now actively helping businesses to keep their costs and downtime at a minimum.

If you’re the owner of a restaurant, hotel, food kitchen or fast-food chain and you want maximum protection from fires and maximum safety and security you should look into the Ansul R-102. Not without a reason it is the most trusted fire suppression system found in commercial kitchens today.

Turn Your Luck Around at the Track


at-the-races-4-299711-mNobody likes losing in life, especially when you’ve just placed a large bet on the horse that came in last, which is why it’s important for people who like to gamble a lot to go to the track properly prepared.

Some people might argue that it’s impossible to accurately predict the outcome to a race, but it’s not impossible to calculate with a reasonable degree of certainty which horse is going to win. Many people place their trust in systems which they’ve developed over the years, or gut feelings, but the surest way for serious gamblers to come out on top is to use an online tips service.

While getting horse racing tips might seem as uncertain as any other way of choosing a horse there are services out there that combine experience, insider knowledge and a full time study of racing to produce results that blend several different methods to produce accurate results. These services are run by professional gamblers who have been in the game for a long time, like Bob Rothman at During this time they’ll have won and lost a lot, learnt from their mistakes, and built up a network of reliable contacts in the process. These gamblers have reached the point where they’re prepared to share the success with other punters out there who are willing to pay for their tips.

It can be hard to decide which service to go for, as some offer different methods of picking their results, but with a little research it’s not hard to find the ones that are genuine. The pros, the real pros, will have a reputation among bookies. They’ll have a history of headlines testifying to their big wins, the successes that made the bookies shut their accounts down. By going with these services punters can change their luck at the track and stop going home with empty pockets.

Customer Service

A New Focus on Customer Service

When it comes to business in this day an age, competitors are a big deal.

With the advancement of technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to start a business, whether it be a “bricks and mortar” type business or even more popular now, an online internet business.

This means that there is a lot more competition around trying to steal your customers.

If you don’t keep your eye on the ball, competitors can not only beat you when it comes to price, they can also beat you when it comes to good quality customer service.

Customer service is an extremely detailed subject, and something that has a lot more depth than most should give it credit for.

The editorial team of this website are all experienced professionals in the world of customer service and will be creating an curating some of the best content online when it comes to the customer service world.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise company, we will be bringing you the news and information you need to bring your company’s customer service to the next level.

We have a lot of exciting things to come in the next few months. As well as running our blog here we are looking at creating some fantastic training courses which will be available to read and view online. There will be some fantastic interactivity in these courses including live chats with experts and online forums.

The first people to have access to our exclusive training course will be people subscribed to our newsletter. They will get the opportunity to check out the course, give feedback and suggestions and overall help shape the course for the future.

If you would like to be a part of this, please check back soon for the announcement of the launch of our online newsletter.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this awesome new venture, and we look forward with communicating with you all online.