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Electronic Invoicing for More Efficiency in Your Business

If you’re looking for an affordable way to save costs for a business, I recommend that you should look into einvoicing.

einvoicingIn case you haven’t heard about einvoicing yet, let me explain it to you in this article.

The ordinary way to do invoices is likely that you will do them on your accounting system where you will at some point print out the invoice as a PDF file.

Many businesses are still paper mailing their invoices, that is they will simply put the printed invoice into an envelope and send it on its way.

With einvoicing you can forget about all those slow and outdated things! (Let’s be honest, who is still using snail mail today??)

The different electronic invoicing is that you can still create your invoice as usual as a PDF, but rather than printing the invoice you will send it to an electronic invoice service provider. This provider is then converting the invoice into an electronic format on your behalf and will send it to whoever your recipient is.

The entire sending and receiving of invoices happens instantly!

Imagine the significant time and cost savings simply from not having to rely on the slow and expensive mail for your invoices!

But there are more benefits with Einvoicing. Despite that you can now send and receive your invoices online, you can also create them as easily. Most electronic invoice service providers will have an web interface or app that you can use to all your invoicing from a smart phone or notebook computer.

This is a major benefit to means you don’t even need to be in the office for your invoicing. You can do invoices on the fly, no matter where you are, in a few minutes from your smart phone. For some business this can be crucial since it will add a tremendous amount of mobility!

Electronic invoicing doesn’t require any special equipment and it’s pretty much straightforward to use. Aside from that it is also very affordable!

Is Your Customer Service Up To Par?

No matter what type of business you have, if there is a problem with your customer support it will likely backfire.

Today, consumers expect excellent service whether it pertains to pre-sales or support after the purchase of goods and services.

Why is good customer service so important?

If you provide stellar customer service it shows that you care for your customers. With good customer service you can demonstrate that you care for your clients and their various needs.

A customer support that is friendly, responsive and helpful will transform your company from an anonymous company into a business where real people stand behind it, real people your customers can talk to and where they can find help and advice when they need it.

Today, in a world where costs are often everything, increasingly more companies sacrifice good customer service simply to be able to stay competitive. Yet, there is a clear tendency that consumers today are getting tired and fed up by such practices. More people today are making good customer service and support one major criterion for their purchase decisions.

Planning A Corporate Event? My Tip!

singing-waiters-7It’s this time of the year again where companies everywhere hold Christmas parties so I take this as an opportunity to talk a little about corporate entertainment.

It’s not only in the holiday season where a lot of companies and corporates¬† plan various events – think about your next corporate picnic in the summertime or any other type of corporate event.

Sometimes, such an event can serve deeper purposes than simple plain and jolly entertainment. It’s then where a company might want something different as opposed to the average band or a DJ for their musical entertainment.

Maybe the company wants to impress potential clients or the event is about celebrating a milestone where only the best of the best will do.

A tip I can give you here: if you’re a business owner like me you should see the Singing Waiters! The Singing Waiters are what’s known as “surprise entertainers”. What they do, they can mingle among your guests dressed as waiters and then start their performance at a certain time, out-of-the blue and to the surprise of all your guests!

Imagine when your waiters turn into professional singers that can perform anything that will go with your event, be it classical music, jazz and even the latest rock and pop songs!

Each single one of the singing waiters is professional trained, they come from the best music schools and theatres in the UK.

I have seen the singing waiters twice now and was entirely blown away! Of course they’re also great for private events like weddings or birthday parties.

Believe me when I tell you once you saw the singing waiters in action you will understand why they’re all the hype right now in the UK because they can make any corporate event absolutely unforgettable!