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Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems – A Quick Introduction

According to the latest FEMA statistics, approximately 3,500 Americans die and 19,000 are injured each year because of fires. Add to this staggering number the many millions of dollars lost annually due to property and equipment damage.

Fire hazards are in particular a concern for any business or commercial venue. Here, aside from the already potential tragic loss of life, health and property, any down-time for the business resulting on account of a fire is an additional concern.

truckFire suppression systems used in commercial venues are without question a smart investment since they can help preventing death, injury and loss to a great extent. However, with respect to a particular venue in question, not all fire suppression systems available today are equally suitable.

Allow me to provide you with an example to explain the particular challenges that can arise when it comes to the prevention of fires. We can look at commercial kitchens such as those in restaurants or similar venues. Commercial kitchens are among those places with a high and always latent risk for fires. While the quick detection and suppression of a fire is obviously important, a fire suppression system that would lead to significant downtime due to its use will normally cause massive financial losses.

For commercial kitchens worldwide, one particular fire suppression system that has proven excellent is the Ansul R-102. This system goes way beyond than just the quick and rapid extinguishing of a fire. Equipment commonly found in commercial kitchens such as deep fryers and grills must also be cooled quickly in order to prevent a possible fire re-flash. The fire suppression system in such venues can likewise not leave residue that would require a lengthy clean-up. Such would otherwise mean that the restaurant or hotel business would come to halt for days if not weeks after a fire, something which would need to be averted if possible.

The Ansul R-102 system is the fire safety suppression system where all those factors that are so important for commercial venues are taken into consideration. In commercial kitchens everywhere, it is the most widely used fire suppression today that not only excels in the quick detection and suppression of fires but likewise will keep downtime for businesses at a minimum.

What makes the Ansul R-102 different to other fire suppression systems?

The Ansul fire suppression system can rapidly cool equipment to prevent re-flashing. This is in particular a concern in commercial kitchens where the simple extinguishing of a fire is often not sufficient since equipment such as cookers and fryers can stay hot for a very long time.

The Ansul system, unlike other fire suppression systems moreover uses a self-dissolving extinguishing agent which requires minimum clean-up. This too is critical for venues such as restaurants, hospitals or hotels where any downtime would mean significant problems. No harmful chemicals are being used for the fire suppression – another criteria which sets the Ansul R-102 apart.

The Ansul R-102 is a prime example of how far fire suppression systems have come today. They can now work effectively for detecting and quickly controlling fires without the downsides suppression systems had in previous times. Earlier, despite the early detection of fires and the prevention of injury and deaths, a fire still frequently meant significant financial losses last but not least due to the fire suppression system itself, for instance when water damaged property as a result.

With modern fire suppression systems like the Ansul R-102 for commercial kitchens, those problems are now eliminated and fire suppression systems are now actively helping businesses to keep their costs and downtime at a minimum.

If you’re the owner of a restaurant, hotel, food kitchen or fast-food chain and you want maximum protection from fires and maximum safety and security you should look into the Ansul R-102. Not without a reason it is the most trusted fire suppression system found in commercial kitchens today.